On literary translation

Translation builds bridges between cultures, languages and experiences and there’s no doubt that it makes the world a bit better. As for literary translation, great stories from elsewhere in the world, including Russian literature, get translated into English every year. Hopefully, there will be more in the future. 
Here are a few links on literary translation:

On Russian translations and translators (in Russian) –  https://bit.ly/2Ne0WgO and https://bit.ly/2DI3pAE

On translation in the English-speaking world – https://bbc.in/2zIFPzX and https://bit.ly/2OnVZqj

An interesting essay on the art of translation written by Mark Polizzotti, an American translator and author. He discusses what translation is and what it isn’t, how translation works and how it doesn’t work, and what makes a good translation.  – https://aeon.co/essays/is-the-translator-a-servant-of-the-text-or-an-original-artist

An thought-provoking short feature in the London Review of Books blog about Anthony Burgess and his novel A Clockwork Orange translated into Russian. – https://www.lrb.co.uk/blog/2018/10/23/anna-aslanyan/subliterary-modes-of-earning-the-odd-pound/

And another inspiring article on translation of contemporary Russian literature:  – https://www.worldliteraturetoday.org/blog/translation-tuesday/what-we-translate-when-we-translate-literature-ksenia-bukshas-freedom

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