My Research interests include history of Russian–English translation, Russian literature, Russian children’s literature, Russian–English cultural relations, children’s literature in translation, censorship and ideology in translation, society and translation. 

My thesis – entitled “Dobraia staraia Angliia” in Russian perception: literary representations of Englishness in translated children’s literature in Soviet and post-Soviet Russia – explores Englishness and its representation in translated children’s literature in Russia during the Soviet period (from 1917 until 1991) and the post-Soviet period (from 1992 until 2015). It focuses on Russian translations of English children’s classics published between the late-Victorian period and the Second World War. It studies how Russian translations of English children’s literature construct literary portrayals of Englishness in varied socio-cultural and historical contexts. It investigates the complex processes involved in re-creating national specificities of English literary texts in Russian culture. The abstract can be found under this link:

My book Translating England into Russian: The Politics of Children’s Literature in the Soviet Union and Modern Russia, which is a revision of my thesis, is out in December 2019 (commissioned  by I. B. Tauris and published by Bloomsbury Academic UK). Information about my book can be found under these links: and

I worked as a part-time publishing manager at Look Multimedia – a specialist publishing company – between March 2018 and February 2019, promoting the first full English translation of Yuri Tynianov’s novel Death of the Vazir-Mukhtar (1927-28) published in June 2018 (Facebook_Death of the Vazir-Mukhtar). I also contributed to researching and editing the Explanatory Notes and Bibliography for the Extended Edition of the book.

As a freelance independent researcher I have worked on research projects for private clients (theatre, literature and film).

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