My Research interests include history of Russian–English translation, Russian literature, Russian children’s literature, Russian–English cultural relations, children’s literature in translation, censorship and ideology in translation, society and translation. 

My thesis – entitled “Dobraia staraia Angliia” in Russian perception: literary representations of Englishness in translated children’s literature in Soviet and post-Soviet Russia – explores Englishness and its representation in translated children’s literature in Russia during the Soviet period (from 1917 until 1991) and the post-Soviet period (from 1992 until 2015). It focuses on Russian translations of English children’s classics published between the late-Victorian period and the Second World War. It studies how Russian translations of English children’s literature construct literary portrayals of Englishness in varied socio-cultural and historical contexts. It investigates the complex processes involved in re-creating national specificities of English literary texts in Russian culture. The abstract can be found under this link:

My book Translating England into Russian: The Politics of Children’s Literature in the Soviet Union and Modern Russia, which is a revision of my thesis, was published in December 2019 by Bloomsbury Academic UK (initially it was commissioned by I. B. Tauris). Information about my book can be found under these links: and

I worked as a part-time publishing manager at Look Multimedia – a specialist publishing company – between March 2018 and February 2019, promoting the first full English translation of Yuri Tynianov’s novel Death of the Vazir-Mukhtar (1927-28) published in June 2018 (Facebook_Death of the Vazir-Mukhtar). I also contributed to researching and editing the Explanatory Notes and Bibliography for the Extended Edition of the book.

My forthcoming chapter ‘The bad king and the brave commoner: translating morals in English folk ballads for Soviet children (about Robin Hood and King John and the Bishop)’, in Lost and Found in Translation, ed. by Vera Tsareva-Brauner, is to be published by Academic Studies Press, Boston.

As a freelance independent researcher I have worked on research projects for private clients (theatre, literature and film).

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