Translation Work

I provide services in translation, editing, proofreading, interpreting, subtitling, content writing and research.
My source language is English (full professional proficiency) and my target language is Russian (native speaker).
I also translate from Russian into English: I work with an editor/proofreader, who is a native speaker of English and a professional writer, for all translations into English.

My areas of specialisation are subtitling (feature films, documentaries, commercials); marketing and corporate communication (newsletters, reports, presentations, booklets, websites, advertising texts); academic (humanities and social science); e-learning; government, charity and NGO (culture and intercultural dialogue; education and training; legal and societal issues, human rights).

I have translated the following types of texts: subtitles, information and publicity materials (reports, brochures, handbooks, newsletters, advertising texts), information and educational materials (reports, brochures, books, articles), interview transcriptions, extracts from fiction and non-fiction, presentations, websites, general legal documents, contracts, investment proposals, construction projects.

I have provided translation for public and private sectors, including translation on a pro bono basis (English < > Russian). Examples of my projects: subtitles to documentary films and feature films for one of the leading providers of digital subtitling services and for private clients; Building a sustainable inclusive, just and peaceful world – Education for Justice, Lesson Plans for the Primary Level (English to Russian, autumn 2020)  Language Rights of Linguistic Minorities: the handbook of the United Nations Special Rapporteur on minority issues (English to Russian) (published in March 2017 by the United Nations, Geneva);  research and publication materials for UK universities (Russian to English and English to Russian); research materials for a UK theatre production and a UK publisher.

I also work as a Russian-English Interpreter. For example, in 2017 I provided interpretation services at the BASEES 2017 Annual Conference at the keynote roundtable “Reflection on the Collapse of the Soviet Union”:

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